Germs really are everywhere! 

According to the Centers for Disease control, germs and bacteria can survive on inanimate objects for days, but you usually can't pick up enough of them to make you sick. However, some surfaces are worse than others. So, here's the low-down:
  • Believe it or not, the dirtiest thing in your bathroom is the handles on the sink! You only need 100 cold germs to get sick   and guess what! You just touched 25,000! So, wash those hands, and shut off the faucet with a towel.
  • In the kitchen, you've really got to watch that plastic cutting board! The biggest risk is from salmonella, which comes from raw chicken or eggs. And even if only 10% of your cutting board germs are salmonella, they'll give you a nice case of food poisoning. So, put the board in your dishwasher, or wash it with bleach in water.
  • When it comes to your desk, the germiest thing is your telephone receiver! Usually because someone didn't wash properly after visiting the bathroom. In fact, your handset could have 2,500 rotavirus particles on it right now! Enough to give you an excellent case of Montezuma's revenge. So, get yourself some antibacterial wipes and clean your desk and everything on it.
  • Finally, when you're out and about, you'll find the most germs on the handle of your shopping cart. Each handle has about 1 million germs on it! And if just 10 percent are flu virus, you'd pick up over 500 of them. Exactly 499 more than you'd need to get sick.