What's being served in restaurant soda machines these days? You've now got a choice between regular and diet fecal matter! According to ABC News, a new study has found trace amounts of fecal bacteria in about half of all sodas dispensed from soda fountain machines! The study found other potentially harmful bacteria too - including e-Coli, staph, and the common cold and flu viruses. Fecal contamination was the most alarming, because the EPA does not allow it in our drinking supply under any circumstances.This new study was led by Renee Godard, a professor of biology at Hollins University in Virginia. She says she's not sure where the bacteria come from, because her team tested the ice, water, and soda syrup supplied by the restaurants, and they were all clean. Goddard's theory is that customers using self-serve soda machines, or employees with dirty hands, may touch the nozzles of machines when they fill up a cup. After the nozzle becomes contaminated, germs can quickly spread up into the plastic tubing inside the machine, and from there, Godard says bacteria will get squirted out every time someone goes for a refill.While the levels of bacteria found in this study were low, experts say it doesn't take much contamination to put you at risk for a serious gastrointestinal disease. That's what happened on a military base in Virginia, when 99 soldiers became sick after drinking from a soda machine contaminated with Norovirus. Godard says the only way to fix this problem is for restaurants to do a better job of cleaning the inside of soda machines on a regular basis. In her study of 30 restaurants, most did a good job of wiping down nozzles outside the machines every day, but she found only one manager who thoroughly flushed out the plastic tubing inside the machines. In fact, most of the other managers she talked to had no clue how to even do that.