It’s a health warning most experts say they never expected to have to tell people. After all, liquid nitrogen is stored in containers at about minus-321 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cold enough to kill skin tissue instantaneously, and cause permanent frostbite! That’s why dermatologists use it to freeze and remove warts.

These days, liquid nitrogen has become a trendy new ingredient used at bars, to chill glasses, and add a steamy vapor to drinks – including martinis and champagne. Some bartenders claim it’s safe to serve, when used with extreme care. But ER hospitals are telling a different story. For example: a British teenager was rushed to the ER recently, after having a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen. The only reason she’s still alive is because doctors performed an emergency surgery, where they removed part of her stomach!

Experts say the problem is that liquid nitrogen turns into gas inside the body and it causes the stomach to blow up like a balloon. Plus, the nitrogen can burn holes through flesh. And in the British teen’s case, it actually tore open her stomach!

That’s why experts say that drinking anything with liquid nitrogen is dangerous, and potentially deadly. Even Ray Foley, the editor of Bartending magazine, says bartenders are trying to show off by serving flashy drinks, but they’re not taking care of their customers!