Let’s face it: Summer isn’t much fun if you suffer from motion sickness, because there’s no way you’ll enjoy a rollercoaster, road trip, boat cruise or airplane flight if you spend the whole time feeling nauseous! So here are three tricks to help relieve motion sickness, according to Rodale Publishing.

  • Distract your brain with your thumb. According to equilibrium specialist Dr. Michael Hoffer, motion sickness comes from a combination of signals sent from your eyes, ears, and body to your brain. If all of those signals are thrown off at once, your brain starts to panic – as if you’re in danger. So your headache, nausea and sweating are the brain’s way of saying: “I’m confused. Get me out of here!” The fix? Dr. Hoffer says you need to trick your brain into thinking you’re still on solid ground. To do that, try reaching out your arm, grabbing hold of something solid – like a handrail or dashboard – and sticking out your thumb. As your eyes begin to focus on your stable thumb, instead of the rocky horizon, your brain will think: “steady and balanced” – no matter how many flip-flops your stomach does.
  • L**oad up on carbs**. Dr. Hoffer says that when stress hits your body, your stomach pumps out acid that could trigger motion sickness symptoms. However, your belly will have a better chance of absorbing the extra acid if it’s full of carbohydrates! So before you get moving, try eating a small plate of pasta, a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, or even a small bag of unbuttered popcorn. That’ll help your stomach feel steady, even as your body loops upside down on a rollercoaster.
  • Grab some ginger. Research shows that ginger stimulates receptors in the digestive tract, which help release the hormone serotonin. That’s been shown to counteract nausea and soothe an unsteady stomach. So drink some ginger ale, or grab a ginger-flavored lollipop, and kiss your summer motion sickness goodbye.