If you want your pet to be healthy, you need to be healthy. That's according to experts who say your bad habits can rub off on pets and have a huge impact on their quality of life. * Attention, smokers! Every time you light up around your pet, you're raising their risk of developing allergies, eye conditions, and deadly lung cancer! And cats can develop mouth cancer from licking smoke particles off their fur. If anyone in your home smokes - regularly wipe down your pet's coat with a damp towel. * Riding without a seatbelt. Research shows that a 60-pound dog left unsecured in a car traveling at 30 mph suddenly becomes 2,700 pounds of force in a crash. That's like having a baby elephant hit your head or dashboard. So, buckle up, and get a pet seatbelt harness for $20 online or at your pet store. * Cheetos cravings can make you and your pet gain weight. Statistics show that half of dogs and cats today are overweight, and it's usually because owners share fatty human food with them. Some foods - like raisins and chocolate - are toxic. And cat owners, you need to especially beware of over-snacking! That's because new research shows that cats mimic their owner's eating habits. So, if you frequently hit the fridge or pantry, your cat will often make a beeline to their food bowl.