Many of us are now working from home, maybe permanently. And it’s making people consider whether they want - or even NEED - to live in cities anymore.

As a result, real estate sales are soaring is so-called Zoom Towns

These are places where people would usually go on vacation, but now, since we can do our Zoom calls from anywhere, why not live in a vacation town - or Zoom Town - full time?

A perfect example is the California mountain town, Truckee. It’s close to Lake Tahoe, and 3-hours from San Francisco - and it’s had a 23% increase in home sales compared to last year. A similar thing is happening in New York’s Catskills mountains.

Other Zoom towns include Aspen, Colorado and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Since more people currently have the option of working remotely, that means they don’t have to live close to the office.