Ladies, if you want to get married, all you have to do is follow certain dating guidelines – that’s according to researcher John Molloy. He analyzed the romantic histories of over 2,000 single and recently married men, and compiled the research in his book Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others. Here are a few rules he claims women should follow if they want marriage:

  • Date a man who’s between 27 and 37 years old. Molloy’s research discovered those are the “high commitment years,” when men have established their careers and are ready to focus on their personal life.
  • Ladies, don’t bother trying to find a marriage-minded guy at a bar. According to the focus group, men are far more likely to marry when they get tired of the singles scene. And most guys admitted they weren’t going to bars to meet a wife – they were looking for a hook up. So when they decided to get serious, they stopped going.
  • Date a divorced man! A man who committed to a woman once is probably not afraid to say “I do” again.
  • Ladies, how long should you wait for a man to propose before calling it quits? Our experts say one and a half years. That’s when men are most likely to pop the question. After two years, the odds they’ll propose drops significantly. And after three and a half years, he warns you’re probably dating a “stringer” – a guy who’s stringing you along and doesn’t want to commit. So, how can you spot a stringer before wasting years of your life dating one? If someone hasn’t committed to being your boyfriend after six months of dating, that’s a warning sign he can’t commit.