Ladies, want the man in your life to know you really care? Don’t tell him – show him. Here’s how, courtesy of marriage therapist Dr. Mike Dow:

  • Give him your undivided attention. Dr. Dow says the male brain is geared toward doing one task at a time, and blocking out distractions. Women are just the opposite, which makes them ideal multi-taskers. But it also means, if your boyfriend sees you checking your phone on a dinner date, he'll interpret that as “I'm not important enough for her to focus on me.” So, prove he’s a priority by making eye contact and limiting the interruptions.
  • Make his favorite meal. Knowing what he likes without having to ask shows you care enough to pay attention. In fact, Dr. Dow says couples that know small details about each other have the happiest relationships.
  • Ask his advice. Clinical psychologist Dr. Andra Brosch says men are hard-wired to be problem solvers. They feel most competent when they can fix something or come up with a solution. So, ask for advice about a problem at work, or even to open a jar of pasta sauce. Men feel best when they feel useful. Dr. Brosch says asking for advice shows that you rely on him. And need, dependency and love go hand in hand.
  • Say thank-you for the little things! Next time he takes out the trash, or drives the kids to school, say “Thanks. I really appreciate it.” Studies show that men crave acknowledgement. And they’re happier in relationship in which they feel their contributions make a difference.
  • Hug him for at least 7 seconds. That's the threshold between a casual hug you'd give a friend and an intimate hug you give someone you love. And men need that touch. Women connect verbally, but men connect physically.