Every 9 seconds, another Baby Boomer turns 65. That’s the reason one of the fastest growing jobs right now is home healthcare workers for senior citizens. They’ve even got a catchy new nickname: “Granny Nannies.” 

The job description covers a whole range of services. Duties can include taking seniors shopping, out to eat, to doctor appointments, hair salons, and weekly bridge games. It can also mean buying groceries, cooking meals, making sure their clients take their meds, and just keeping them company. They may also have to help their clients bathe and dress, change beds, and even empty bedpans. 

Plenty of seniors say they couldn’t survive without a paid assistant. Some of them have families that live too far away to help. And they can’t ask their friends, because a lot of them need assistance, too. Also, a lot of seniors feel that relying on someone who’s not family makes them less of a burden – and much more independent. 

Experts say the number of Granny Nanny healthcare workers has jumped 40 percent. And because of our graying population, it’ll keep growing for the foreseeable future.

According to Craigslist, every month, 4 thousand caregivers and certified nursing assistants are being hired. 

If you’d like to find a home healthcare worker – or become one – check out the website HomeHealthcareAgencies.com. Or just Google Granny Nannies. There are franchises under that name in seven states – with more on the way.