Hey guys – want a more satisfying marriage? Then marry someone who’s thinner than you. That’s the gist of a new study from the University of Tennessee. It tracked nearly 200 married couples over four years. And time and time again, couples reported more satisfaction when wives had a lower body mass index than their husbands.


Why would BMI have so much influence on your marital bliss? Susan Heitler is a couple’s therapist who says, like it or not, North Americans tend to place a lot of value on looks. So, there’s a lot of pressure on women to have a lower weight. Also, Heitler says men tend to be happier when they feel more powerful. And for many guys, power is symbolized by height and weight. So, the thinking is that if a man is bigger than his wife, he feels more powerful while she subconsciously feels more secure and that makes them both feel happier in their marriage.


Couples: Does this ring true to you? Does your spouse’s weight have any affect on your happiness?