You just need to use the right words. Here are the top 3 phrases that are guaranteed to boost your bond from Dr. Craig S. Travis, behavioral science expert.

  • Instead of asking "Can you--" ask "Could you--". Not only is it a more considerate and respectful way to ask your partner for help, but the word "could" is less aggressive and blunt that the word "can". It also sends the message that you're making a request instead of a demand.
  • Another phrase that'll bring you closer "Wow! Thank you!" Use that instead of "thank you very much". Why? Because words like 'very' and 'really' are so overused, we tune them out. Saying "wow" is like using an exclamation point or putting it in bold type. And the sound of the word "wow" registers differently in your inner ear, actually making you perk up and take notice.
  • And the final phrase that'll bring you closer: Instead of saying "That's amazing" say "You're so amazing". Personalizing a statement turns a throwaway phrase into a compliment.

So the next time your husband or wife makes an awesome dinner say, "Wow! Thank you! You're so amazing...Now, could you do the dishes tonight?"