The next time you go to a sports bar to watch football, don’t be surprised if they’re showing videogames instead.

This year, a growing number of pubs and bars have started streaming live videogame events on TV, where you can root for the outcome of games like “Halo” or “Call of Duty” in the same way you’d root for your favorite sports team! For example: This summer, hundreds of bars tuned in to the first “Starcraft Two” tournament in Los Angeles.  That’s a popular sci-fi game where players lead computerized armies of humans and aliens into battle.

Why not just show real sports in a sports bar? Because believe it or not, some videogames draw more customers! That’s according to a bar owner we read about in Seattle, who says he switched to showing “Starcraft” after he realized his customers were ignoring the baseball games on TV. Since then, he’s devoted five TVs to showing videogames, and he’s more than doubled his business.

Experts say there are already millions of gamers who watch videogames online every day. So, it’s not surprising that many love being able to gather with friends in a bar, to cheer for their favorite games – even if they’re not actually playing.

And consider this: Football games only last a few hours, while videogames can go on indefinitely! That’s why experts say gamers represent a whole new customer base for bars.  And why you may see more sports bars converted into videogame bars in the future.