Ladies, you can tell a lot about a man, and his intentions toward you, based on the date he plans. That’s according to Bill Nichols, co-founder of the website So, here are the top date places decoded - so you’ll know whether a guy thinks you’re long term material or not:

  • Coffee shop! Experts say if a guy invites you for coffee, know that he’s interested in finding out more about you, because there’s no hiding behind drinks or the 2-hour distraction of a movie. This guy is ready for some one on one – sober – conversation. It also indicates a guy who wants to find out quickly whether you two click. If you do, odds are, he’ll pursue a relationship with you.

  • What about his neighborhood bar? It means he wants to be comfortable in his own environment. But it also means he’s not willing to get out of his comfort zone for you. So, he may be interested in a relationship – but only if it can fit into his life on his terms.

  • The batting cages. When a guy suggests doing any type of activity, like batting practice or mini-golf, that shows he wants a woman who he can share experiences with. It also means he’s looking for someone he can be friends with, above all.

  • An elegant restaurant. Experts say a fancy meal means one of two things. He either expects you to be romantic from the get-go - since he flashed cash for a nice evening - or he’s seriously into you, and wants to wine and dine you into a relationship.

  • Beware if he invites you to a party! Experts say it could go either way. He either feels comfortable enough about you to show you off to his friends, or he’s just being casual and figures if you don’t hit it off at the party, then it won’t be as awkward because there’ll be lots of other people there to talk with.