Are you looking for a new job? Log onto Facebook! That’s according to a new study that found that your odds of landing a new job surge if you connect with close friends on Facebook.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers studied 3-thousand job hunters. They found that people who spent the most time interacting with close friends online about their job hunt were 26-percent more likely to land a gig within 3 months. That’s compared to people who connected more with acquaintances online.

The finding is major – since it’s opposite of the common wisdom that casual acquaintances are more likely to help your job search than close friends. The thinking was that acquaintances are in a different social circle from you, so they can open you up to a wider group of people and potential job opportunities.

But it turns out, your close friends are most likely to help you get a job. That’s because they know you better – and are more willing to vouch for you, and think of you if they hear of an opportunity.