Attention, college students! Are you trying to pick out a major, but feel that English Lit or History just isn’t you? You may have more options than you think. Here are a few unusual college majors that could land you top jobs:

  • First,ever consider studying Turf grass? That’s the hard green stuff that covers golf courses, parks, and athletic fields. That’s a major offered at Michigan State University. Students don’t spend all of their time hanging out at country clubs. They take classes like “Golf Turf Irrigation,” which preps them for a career maintaining golf-course greens and parks. A turf grass major could also set you up for a career in Major League Baseball. In fact, at last year’s World Series, two Michigan State alumni faced off. One was a groundskeeper for the Texas Rangers, and the other worked for the San Francisco Giants.
  • Another unusual major you may want to consider: Puppetry. The University of Connecticut offers an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in puppetry arts. Students don’t play with sock puppets all day. They take classes like "Marionette Construction," and graduate to do everything from design theatres around the world, to create children’s toys, to perform roles with puppets in movies and Broadway theater productions, like Avenue Q.
  • Then, do you love spending a day at the race track? You could make a career out of it. University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program will prep you for a number of career paths in the horse racing industry. For example, students who choose the “animal path” will graduate with skills to be a horse trainer or breeder, and students who pick the business path are groomed to work as industry executives.
  • Next time you grab some Doritos, check out the bag, because a former Packaging Major designed it.University of Wisconsin’s Packaging program teaches students the ins and outs of creating the most economically, aesthetically, and environmentally sound packages for items we use every day. Major companies are always redesigning their packaging – so jobs are limitless.