Are you at work right now? If the answer’s “yes,” get ready to boost your happiness level. Dr. Srikumar Rao is the author of Happiness at Work, and a Columbia University business professor. And he says that no matter how miserable you think your job is, there are things you can do to instantly make it better.

First: **Don’t multitask**. Studies show that constantly switching gears causes your brain to burn out, making you do many things badly at once. Instead, turn off distracting electronics, like your smartphone, and focus on working on one thing at a time for 20 minute stretches. That way, you’ll power through your work, and feel like you accomplished a lot.

Another way to boost on-the-job happiness: When you make a mistake, skip the freak out, and move on. Don’t waste time and energy beating yourself up over a slip-up. Instead, learn from it so it won’t happen again, then move onto the next project you have to do, "but don't surrender your calmness and sense of peace."

Also: Unleash your inner cheerleader. Career expert Rao says you can boost your happiness simply by changing how you think about your job. For example, instead of labeling yourself as simply a hotel front desk clerk who punches the clock, think of yourself as a facilitator who helps people have relaxing, meaningful vacations with their loved ones.