Have you ever gone through a break up and wondered why things went wrong? Why he stopped calling? Or why she ditched you at that party with no explanation? 

A new website is trying to clear up the confusion. It’s called “What Went Wrong” they say they can give jilted lovers closure – and new insight into their dating mistakes for future relationships. 

How do they do that? By sending a feedback request to that guy who stopped calling. The guy can then reply by selecting various reasons why he didn’t want to see you anymore. And if you, the jilted party, wants to add a specific question or comment, you can – and so can the person you want answers from. The site emphasizes being nice, but giving constructive feedback. 

So if you send a What Went Wrong request to your ex – will they respond? 25-percent do. And so far the site has over 50, 000 users.

And it doesn’t have to be a recent relationship that you want feedback on. One man named John Blalock had been using his church singles group without much luck, and at 51 years old, he wanted to know why. So he sent out requests to three former dates – all of whom had blown him off. 

One of his former dates responded saying, although he was a nice guy – she thought it was weird that he was able to rattle off all the drink specials at the local bar. Blalock thought he’d been witty and charming – and he got to see it from his date’s perspective. 

So what do you think? Would you like to know why a relationship fizzled and get closure? Or should people just leave well enough alone – and if someone stops calling that’s all you need to know.

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