Don’t judge a book by its cover! Or a plastic bag, a hair dryer or a bottle of clear nail polish! Here are some unconventional uses for your common household items, courtesy of Real Simple magazine.

  • Plastic sandwich bags. You know those Ziploc bags that you use to store leftovers? Well, they can also help tame cheese! Place your cheese grater in a bag and keep it there as you shred a block of cheese. The bag catches the shavings and the kitchen counter stays clean!
  • A hair dryer. This comes in very handy when glossing the frosting on a freshly baked cake. Simply blow warm air over the top and sides of the cake – lightly – until the frosting melts a little. When it cools, the surface will stay shiny - for a professional finish!
  • Clear nail polish. Not only can it make fingertips shine and stop a pantyhose run, but it can also rust-proof a can of shaving cream, guys! Just paint a thin layer of nail polish around the metal base. The lacquer helps keep out water that can corrode the metal, leaving nasty rust stains on the porcelain in your tub.
  • Wax paper. Original purpose? Keeping baked goods from sticking to your pan, but you can also use it to pick up dirt and dust! Just rip off a piece roughly the size of your sweeper, and attach it just as you would a cleaning cloth. As you sweep, gunk from the highly trafficked areas in your house stick.

Wax on, dirt off!