You don’t have to make huge changes in your lifestyle to be healthier. If you make lots of small choices - a little less fat here, a little more sweat there – you can change the way you look and feel in no time. Here are some healthy choices you might want to consider:

  • Which are better for you: peas or carrots? Peas! They have more fiber, iron and vitamin C, so they may be better at preventing cancer and heart disease. Peas also have more than four times the protein of carrots.

  • Should you buy squeezable or stick margarine? Squeezable - it has less trans fat. Better yet, opt for a heart healthy spread with no trans fat. That outclasses butter with its saturated fats. If you’re only eating a tablespoon a day, eat the butter – a little bit won’t kill you, and it tastes better.

  • What about StairMaster or treadmill? Skip the treadmill. Because you lift your entire body with each step, instead of just your legs, a StairMaster makes you work harder.      

  • Then, are showers better than baths? Shower. Well, they’re faster, and you’re not soaking, so your skin dries out less. There’s also less bacteria. In a bath, you’re basically sitting in a pool of bacteria. At least with a shower, the bacteria washes over you.

  • What’s better for your health - a hug or a kiss? The verdict is - squeeze your main squeeze. Couples who hug their spouses regularly are less stressed, and have better cardiovascular function. Also, a 20 second hug can reduce stress for hours. Hugging a friend, a parent, child, or stroking your pet, all have the same effect – they increase the feel-good bonding hormone, oxytocin, and reduce your stress hormone, cortisol.