In our quest to protect you from extreme ickiness, here are two more things you need to be cautious about. We got this from Health magazine.

  • Germ magnet #1: Your bathtub. Yes, the place you go to get clean is actually QUITE dirty. In one study, researchers found staphylococcus bacteria, a common cause of serious skin infections, in 26% of bathtubs tested! That was compared to just 6% of garbage cans! Tubs typically have more that 600,000 bacteria per square INCH. According to lead researcher Dr. Elizabeth Scott, it makes sense when you think about it. You’re washing germs and viruses off your body, and some stick to the tub. Since it’s a moist environment, bacteria thrive. So, reduce your risk by applying a disinfecting cleaner to the tub once a week. Scott says you need to actually SCRUB, wash the germs down the drain with water, and then dry the tub with a clean towel. If you leave it wet, germs are more likely to survive.
  • And germ zone #2: Airplane bathrooms. It’s not a huge shock that public restrooms are crawling with germs, but experts agree that those cramped and overused airplane bathrooms are the WORST! After all, you’re looking at roughly ONE toilet for every 50 people!. According to germ expert Dr. Charles Gerba, there are often traces of E.coli or fecal bacteria on the faucets and door handles, because it’s hard to wash your hands in those tiny sinks! Here’s the WORST news: The powerful flush of that airplane toilet spits particles into the air, covering the floor, the walls and everything else with whatever’s swirling around in there. To protect yourself, use a paper cover on the toilet seat. If there aren’t any, a layer of toilet paper around the seat will help. Then, after using the toilet, wash your hands thoroughly and use a paper towel when touching ANYTHING.