Need proof that most people wake up in a good mood, or that work is stressful? It’s all there in black-and-white in the Twitter stream.

Researchers from Cornell University studied the tweets of more than 2 million people in 84 countries from a 2-year period.  They searched specifically for words indicating positive moods, like “happy,” “enthusiastic,” “awesome,” and “fantastic”.  And for words indicating negative moods, like, “sad,” “anxious,” “panic,” and “afraid.”

And they found a surprisingly consistent pattern: People all over the world tend to wake up in a good mood – and they’re happiest on weekends. And for most people, the positive attitude peaks in the early morning, and starts to dip by midmorning. Then it begins to rise again in the evening – right about quitting time - and peaks again near midnight. And the biggest midday dip into negative territory happens on workdays.