Celebrity chefs are slimming down, and they're trying to help viewers do the same. T.V. chef Alton Brown of the Food Network, decided to drop a few pounds after seeing himself on television. He'd put on 25 pounds since starting his show ten years ago, and he was now a chubby 213 pounds. Then, Brown started to notice the size of his audience! He says celebrity chefs are part of the food boom in America, and he realized that they have a responsibility to introduce their viewers to healthy eating.

Alton Brown isn't alone. Mario Batali and Tyler Florence, also from the Food network, and chef Rocco DiSpirito, are all following his lead. They're losing weight and highlighting healthy options on their shows and in their restaurants. How do people who love food, and are surrounded by it every day, go on a diet? Brown says his regime is simple; he just cut out fatty foods and sugar. He says he's had tons of french fries in his life. At this point he's pretty sure he knows what they taste like, so he just doesn't eat them anymore. Now he snacks on avocados, sardines and almonds. Tyler Florence cut out most of the meat and now goes for salmon or chicken instead of steak. Other celebrity chefs went a more conventional route. Jacque Torres is a world famous chocolate and pastry chef who's had shows on PBS and the Food Network. When he noticed that he'd bulked up, he went on Weight Watchers and dropped thirty pounds. Now, instead of calorie-heavy milk chocolate, he stocks up on 70%-cocoa dark chocolate, just in case he gets a craving.

If you're a Food Network addict and you're looking to lose weight, without having to eat steamed vegetables and rice all week, you're in luck. Rocco DiSpirito just put out a new cookbook of comfort foods that are all under 350 calories, called Now Eat This. Alton Brown plans on bringing his healthier lifestyle to the airwaves on his show "Good Eats."