The hottest new job opportunity today is “vehicle technology specialist.” That’s the name for special tutors who help people master the high-tech features in their new cars. And according to the Wall Street Journal, almost every auto manufacturer is encouraging their dealerships to hire vehicle technology specialists.

Why? Consider drivers like Paula Latshaw, a woman we read about who recently bought a new Lexus hybrid. She says in her previous car, she never figured out how to set the digital clock on the dashboard. So, you can imagine how “lost” she felt trying to learn her new car’s GPS navigation system, or the voice-controlled hands-free phone system! That’s why her dealer set her up with a vehicle technology specialist, to show her the ropes.

Experts say the specialists have been in demand ever since Ford introduced their “MyFord Touch” system a few years ago, because a survey found that many customers couldn’t understand it, or they said it was “annoying” to operate! So, Ford started offering group training sessions to help people better understand the technology they were buying.

Today, a growing number of dealerships are offering one-on-one training, or they’re providing iPads, loaded with videos and apps, that cover the technology on specific vehicles. And as that technology keeps getting more complicated, experts say the demand for vehicle technology specialists will keep growing stronger.