When it’s time to make a tough decision, you might want to go with your gut. Why? Because there’s something to be said for intuition - and your gut might just be right!

According to the British Journal of Psychology, gut reactions happen when our brain compares our past experiences to what’s currently going on around us. But the process happens so quickly, it’s completely unconscious. We just get a hunch about which is the right move to make.

And get this - gut decisions really do originate in our gut. UCLA psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff says that there’s a network of neurotransmitters in the stomach area that can react to the environment and our emotions. And when they fire, that’s when you sense “butterflies,” or that uneasy, queasy feeling. Studies show our brain-stomach connection is so effective at processing information, that in one study, volunteers who listened to their intuition were twice as good at predicting outcomes as their more rational peers.

But, plenty of people – especially men – ignore their intuition. Dr. Orloff says the best way to get in touch with your intuition is to pay attention to your physical responses.

For example, say you’re offered a new job at twice the salary. Your rational side may be screaming, “Yes!” But take a deep breath before you jump for joy. You might realize you suddenly feel exhausted or a little nauseated. That’s your gut’s way of saying that the last time you got into a similar situation, it ended badly.