Since when do truckers care about staying in shape? Since now! There are over 4 million truckers in North America alone, and more than half of them are obese. They’re also 50 percent more likely than the average person to have diabetes, because truckers have few opportunities to stay in shape, when they spend up to 11 hours a day on the road.

That’s one reason a former trucker named Bob Perry founded a wellness program for truckers, called Rolling Strong. They offer free health check-ups at truck stops, and provide manuals, classes, and videos promoting healthy lifestyle habits. They’ve even come up with an in-cab workout for truckers.

As Perry puts it: These new programs are all about changing the “trucker culture,” so that obesity and bad health are no longer the norm. After all, healthier drivers make for safer drivers – because drivers with diabetes, for example, can faint behind the wheel, or even have a heart-attack!

So far, the healthy trucker trend seems to be working. For example: One trucker we read about got in touch with Rolling Strong after having his license suspended last year, for having sky-high blood sugar levels.  After just three months working with a health coach he lost 70 pounds, lowered his blood sugar, and is now back to driving safely.

And know this: Rolling Strong isn’t the only program helping truckers stay fit and healthy on the road. For example: The gym chain Snap Fitness plans to open dozens of new gyms at truck stops this year, and will offer drivers access to free weights and cardio machines.  Also, the trucking chain Conway Freight helped more than 10,000 employees consult with wellness coaches last year.