Your new diet may be working well, but cravings can sometimes get the best of you. So, here are a few tricks to help you overcome the little things that can sabotage your weight-loss plan. These tips come from Readers Digest:

  • First, know this: The first few days of any diet are the hardest, because you’re craving the things you used to eat. Like fried food, candy and loaded potato skins. These ‘trigger foods’ can really undermine your willpower. Experts say it only takes five days to weaken your old cravings and strengthen new, healthier habits. In fact, you'll probably begin to crave the healthier foods you’re eating now – like fresh fruit.
  • To kill a craving, drink two glasses of water and eat one ounce of nuts – that’s 12 almonds or 20 peanuts. Health expert Dr. Michael Roizen says it’ll change your body chemistry – and within 20 minutes, your craving should be gone.
  • Another way to outsmart your cravings: Avoid stress. After all, they don’t call it ‘stress eating’ for nothing! So, get outside and walk around the block.
  • Another way to sidestep a craving: Brush your teeth. Studies show that minty-flavors distract the mind and killing cravings.
  • You can also distract yourself. Eating experts point out that cravings typically last only 10 minutes. So, call someone, listen to music, run an errand, meditate or exercise. Don’t be surprised if your craving’s gone when you come up for air.  
  • Finally: There will be times when the only way to deal with a craving is to give in to it. Just be smart about it. Have a small scoop of ice cream instead of an entire pint of rocky road. Giving into cravings once in a while can help you avoid a full-blown binge and the guilt that follows.