Do you get a flood of trick-or-treaters on Halloween? If you’re handing out candy, here’s the etiquette for dealing with the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins prowling your neighborhood:

  • Don’t hold out a bowl, and just let trick-or-treaters grab all they want. Otherwise, some greedy goblin may run off with half your Reese’s peanut butter cups. Instead, make eye contact with each kid, and say something like, “What scary green makeup you’re wearing!” – then, stick a treat or two in their bag. Children shouldn’t take the candy; you should give it to them.

  • Don’t snub trick-or-treating teens. You may think that candy handouts are only for little kids, but height doesn’t always correspond with age. Plus, the teens at your door may be trying to hold onto their childhood for one more year. But even if they’re 16 and all they want is free candy, will it hurt to toss some Skittles their way?

  • What if you’ve given out all your candy, and turned off your porch light – but Batman rings your doorbell anyway? Simple: Ignore it! No light means no candy - period.

  • What should you do with tricks? Like witches and warlocks tossing candy wrappers on your lawn, T-Ping your house, or egging cars on your street? Leave a small wastebasket for wrappers by your front steps. And if the Halloween celebrations are getting out of hand, call the police.