Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a haircut or a job interview, the first person you’re going to deal with is the RECEPTIONIST. How you treat them speaks volumes about your personality. In fact, some hiring managers will ask for the receptionist’s opinion of potential employees. Which means if you’re not on your best behavior, it could cost you your dream job. So, here are some tips to help you treat the receptionist with the respect they deserve. We got these from Real Simple magazine.

  • On the phone, speak clearly and identify yourself. Jennifer Alexander has been a receptionist for 40 years and is director of the National Receptionists Association and she says when you call to make an appointment, know this: bad cell phone connections and speaker phone crackles drive receptionists crazy! So call on a clean line, and clearly say who you are and why you’re calling. Don’t assume they know. If they ask what it’s regarding, tell them. They ask because their boss wants to know – not because they’re nosy.  
  • Once you’re in the office, check in and step away. Receptionists don’t like it when clients park themselves at the front desk.    
  • When dealing with a receptionist be polite, patient and PERSONAL. Alexander says it really makes a difference when people ask, “How are you today?” – and take the time to really LISTEN to the answer. Sometimes there’s just ONE person handling a very busy office. When the receptionist is feeling overworked, personal recognition helps. So smile, don’t rush them, and ask about their day. Because if they’re having a tough one, your politeness could be just the thing to turn it around.