Got a hot date – want to impress a potential client – or just want to be James Bond for a day? The hottest new trend is to rent high-end luxury cars. In fact, a quarter of all high-end car rentals are used for job interviews. Just like career experts tell us to dress for the job we want – people are driving fancy cars to the job they want. They figure they need to look successful to be successful. 

That’s why car giants Hertz and Enterprise recently started stocking Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys alongside their standard fleet of economy cars.

Also, a lot of people consider a rental car an affordable luxury that gives them an edge. It makes them stand out from the crowd and be taken more seriously. If they pull up to their class reunion in a Bentley, it gives the impression they’ve done well for themselves. 

But renting a fancy car will cost you. A typical rental car costs $20 bucks a day. But renting a luxury Mercedes costs about $200 bucks per day. And if you have extremely fancy taste, a McLaren rental is $1300-hundred dollars a day.