Online dating is now the third most common place to meet someone after meeting through friends – or through work. Other research shows that “marriage minded” people have better luck online than at bars and nightclubs. And these days, 17 percent of couples who get married, meet online. So let me fill you in on some of the newest dating websites and apps.

  • We’ll start with the Let’s Date app – which is free for iPhones. Members create a “card” - which is like a mini-profile page – and then you scroll through cards and pick the ones you find interesting, by clicking “Let’s Date.” But there has to be mutual interest before you can be matched up. It alleviates the rejection aspect of sending someone a message, only to never hear anything back. Another plus, you’ll know they’re a real person and not a scammer because the site requires members to have been on Facebook for a year, with at least 50 friends.

  • The next new dating app is for both the Android or iPhone and it’s called “Crazy Blind Date.” The OK Cupid people are behind it and here’s how it works: You pick a time – and a place – and see who has the guts to accept your invitation and show up! All you’ll know about the person who’s agreed to meet you is their first name and their age. It truly IS a blind date because the profile pictures on the app are scrambled, so you can’t tell what they look like. You’ll connect through your phones though, so you can text the guy and say, “I’m the girl in the red sweater next to the foosball table.”  

  • But one of the worst things about breaking up these days is that you still run into your ex online! If you have mutual friends, you’ll still see pictures they’re tagged in – or status updates mentioning them. That’s where the app Kill Switch comes in. The app will automatically delete any post containing your former flame's name or image. You can find Kill Switch in the Google Play store.