Big cell phones are back!  After years of seeing cell phones shrink – from something the size of a brick, down to something you can hide in a pocket – today’s new cell phones are growing again. For example:

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II phone is 75 percent bigger than the first iPhone – or about the size of an extra-large Hershey’s chocolate bar.

And a new phone recently introduced in China, called the Ascend Mate, has a display screen more than 6-inches across – which is double the size of the iPhone.

In fact, there are so many large cell phones on the market today, that experts have come up with a new nickname for them.  They’re called “phablets” – as in, bigger than a phone, but smaller than a tablet!

Experts say when people start using a phone with a bigger screen, they don’t want to go back to a dinky one! As a result, sales of bigger phones more than doubled last year.  People say they love the bigger screens, because it’s easier to type messages, or watch videos on them.  But one obvious drawback with bigger phones is that they’re harder to hide.

In fact, we read about one student who said she hates the fact that she can’t secretly text in class anymore, because her phone’s too big! Also, some clothing companies have reported adding more “wiggle room” to the pockets in their pants and jackets - to give people more space for holding larger gadgets.

There’s also a surprising injury risk because bigger phones are harder to hold comfortably in one hand.  So doctors worry we may over-stretch our fingers - to tap on those huge touch-screens - and experience more stress injuries in our thumbs.