Well, when it comes to dog names, they reflect a lot about our society and how it – and we – have changed over the years. It used to be that boy dogs had names like Rags, Skip, Spot, and Moose, and girl dogs were often called Lady, Muffin, and Taffy. That was back in the days when most dogs slept outside or in the barn, ate food out of cans, and were considered guard dogs or working dogs. These days, dogs are being treated more like family. Eating home-cooked meals, wearing custom clothing, drooling out of car windows, peering out of handbags, and going on vacations at dog-friendly hotels with the rest of the family. Which means, doggie names are more likely to be shared by people, too.

So, what are today’s most-popular dog names? According to a list compiled by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, the top dog names for male dogs are: Max, Buddy and Rocky and for female dogs, topping the list are Bella, Molly and Lucy. Giving dogs human names isn’t entirely new. The fact is, giving dogs and children similar names was common even in ancient Rome. Psychologist and author Eleanora Woley also points out that ancient Egyptians often went so far as to bury their dogs in family plots. Today, dog owners are showing a similar kind of care. It illustrates our need for a warm, comforting presence and companionship that we may not be getting elsewhere in our lives. Since our dogs are now considered family members, they should sound like they belong. In fact, one of the top five female children’s names is Isabella – which is similar to the top dog name Bella. Jacob is the top name for boys and how many dogs do you know that are named Jake? So, when someone calls out “Bella!” or “Jake, come here!” – look around to see if a dog comes running before you respond.