That is the lunchtime question, and we've got the answer according to Prevention magazine. Basically, that tortilla you're wrapping your lunchmeat in, often isn't a healthier alternative to plain old bread. Sometimes, those large tortillas that restaurants use can have over 200 calories and the carb equivalent of three slices of bread! Why? Because they're dense - and bread has more air in it. So, let's break down the wrap for you so you can have a healthier lunch:* First, know this: A plate-size tortilla is at least two servings of grains. So you might be better off getting the smaller 6" size and having two wraps instead of one. The calories and carbs will essentially be the same, but you'll get more room to fill them with healthy stuff - like canned wild salmon, vegetables, and lean deli meat.* Another thing to know about wraps - if you're buying them at the market, look at the ingredient list. You want whole grains - so for example, on a corn tortilla, ideally, you want to see only three things listed: Stone ground corn, water, lime. If there are additives, look for another brand. If you have two small corn tortillas instead of the flour kind, you'll save 70 calories. Plus, cooked corn has almost twice the antioxidants as apples.* Then, don't think you're ordering healthy if you get a spinach wrap. It doesn't count as a serving of vegetables - and in one popular brand, spinach powder is included only as a limited seasoning ingredient. It's better to fill a whole grain tortilla with spinach than to get a spinach wrap.* If you're choosing between 100% whole wheat bread and a whole wheat tortilla - you may want to stick with the bread. A two-slice portion of whole wheat bread contains around 140 calories, and is a good source of protein and fiber. The whole wheat tortilla has about the same number of calories, but contains less protein and fiber.