What are a lot of shoppers splurging on this holiday season? Themselves! A new survey found that the average person will spend $140 on “me” gifts this holiday season like clothes, video games, and makeup.

So, why are people shelling out so much on themselves? Because they did without while the economy was rough. But people are feeling optimistic now – and a survey found that consumers are ready to do some “self-gifting” – as it’s called. So when they’re out buying holiday gifts, it’ll be one for you, two for me!

And stores know that people self-gift – so they’re planning on it! Let’s face it, we know ourselves best – and most people DON’T get what they want as gifts from other people. So they don’t feel guilty treating themselves to the things they really want. In fact, a lot of holiday deals are on things you WOULDN’T necessarily give to someone else like appliances, bras and underwear, or home goods – like bedding and pots and pans.

So if you want to give someone the best gift ever, get them a gift card. Researchers say that ranks as the most popular gift of 2012. That way, someone can self-gift on your dime!