Relationship expert Laura Snyder recommends these somewhat offbeat tips to figure out if your date has potential:

  • First, do they have a cat? A great date will have a cat, a dog, or even a hamster they're crazy about. Someone who feeds a pet every day isn't afraid of commitment. And they've proven they can nurture and be there day in and day out.
  • Do they feel lucky, and how can you tell? Well, people who consider themselves lucky are grateful people - and grateful people are happier and healthier. They'll probably mention the good things, friends, and experiences in their life. The person who constantly complains about their problems isn't counting their blessings.
  • Look for passion. Not necessarily of the romantic variety, but something that makes them excited about getting up in the morning. Whether it's politics, skiing, or music, a passionate person won't be looking for someone to make their life whole - which can be overwhelming. A person with passion in their life is looking for someone to add to their already happy life - not someone to make them happy.
  • Check whether they buckle their seatbelt and eat all their vegetables. These gestures show they care about their own well-being.
  • There needs to be enough attraction between you for another date. Something about them - the way they look, talk, or smile, or all of the above - has to make you want to see them again. Bottom line - you've got to have chemistry on a few levels - mentally and physically - for a relationship to last.