If you’re the parent of an incoming college freshman, here are a few things you need to know.

**You won’t automatically get the bill**, but your kid will. At most colleges, tuition is the student’s responsibility. If you want the bill, ask your kid to add you as a designated payer.

Parents, you may not get your kid’s grades either. Unlike the last 12 years of schooling, colleges don’t send parents grades. Again, you can have your kid authorize the school to send you their grades – but some administrators don’t recommend that. The administrators at Santa Clara University say having your kid tell you about their grades is one more step toward becoming a responsible adult.

And parents – you can stop worrying about your kid at keg parties. Instead, worry about them drinking hard liquor. Hard liquor has now surpassed beer as students’ first choice for drinking. So have “the talk” with them before they hit campus – and pay close attention the first few months. That’s when most college kids start drinking, and because they’re not used to the freedom they have on campus, that’s when they get out of hand and into trouble.