Here are the top new scientific findings about exes:

  • Calling them a “lazy video game couch potato!” is a good thing. University of Utah researchers found that people who expressed negative feelings about an ex were much less likely to feel depressed right after a split. And fast forward one month, they were much more likely to have moved on. That’s because remembering the not so good qualities of your ex – like how they’d play video games 12 hours straight – helps you focus on why you’re not a match.

  • Your ex can help you move forward in your new relationship. How? By telling your new partner about them! It’s not first date material – or even third date. But a study found that when people reveal very personal feelings to a new partner, like why they broke up with their ex, they feel more connected, and that paves the way for a closer relationship.

  • Did you recently upload new photos on Facebook? Your ex probably saw them! A recent survey found that 85% of people look at an ex's profile. And nearly one-in-five checked once a week.

  • Ladies, your ex probably has a soft spot for you. A survey found that it’s mostly men – not women - who are much more likely to want to get back together with an old partner.