<font">Here's some intelligence for your love life, courtesy of Men's Health magazine. </font">

First How often do you kiss your spouse? A new survey finds that couples who don’t kiss in everyday situations – like a kiss good morning, or when they get home – are a whopping 8 times more likely to feel stressed or depressed. Kissing and cuddling with no ulterior motives makes couples feel closer to one another, and also trigger the release of oxytocin, a chemical that not only helps you bond with your partner, but makes you feel happy. So kiss your spouse frequently if you want to keep depression out of your marriage.

And a second bit of relationship intelligence might surprise you: Men are more likely than women to put their partner’s feelings before their own. At least, that’s what a new study from the University of Chicago says. Researchers surveyed 13-hundred people and found that women are more sensitive to the feelings and needs of "abstract humanity" – meaning they’re more likely to donate money to charities and be kind to strangers. But a man is more likely to focus his empathy on people he feels close to.


And here’s a bonus, guys: The study also found that people who put the happiness of their spouse before their own are 17% more likely to describe themselves as having a happy marriage.

Chock one up for the dudes!