Whether it’s the middle of winter - or the 4th of July - there’s never been a hotter time to throw a snow party.  That’s where people pay to have snow machines trucked to their home so they can cover the yard with enough snow for sledding, building snowmen, or having a snowball fight!

Today, a growing number of companies are offering snow party services and they say business is booming, especially in places where it almost never snows. For example: We read about a family in Texas that’s been throwing snow parties for 15 years – even though the average winter temperature there is 65 degrees. But as soon as there’s snow on the ground, they say the whole neighborhood comes out to play and drink hot cocoa.

Why are so many people excited about snow? Experts say it has to do with the fact that we’re a lot more mobile today. Because a lot of us grew up in snowy parts of the country, and then found jobs in warmer cities.  And as we get older, and have kids, we start to “get nostalgic” about snow.

So, throwing a snow party gives us a chance to have all the fun – without the hassle of real snow, like shoveling and plowing.

As you might guess, snow parties are expensive. It typically costs more than $2,000 to cover an average-size lawn with just six inches of fake snow.  And depending on the temperature, the snow may only last a few hours before it melts!

But it’s pretty easy to get others to pitch in and help pay for a snow party. In fact, almost half of today’s snow party business comes from neighborhood homeowner’s associations, church groups, and schools.

Want to go further? Just Google the words “snow party”.