Everyone from addiction specialists to orthopedic surgeons are seeing an increase in smart-phone related health problems. It turns out that tapping away at those tiny keypads for hours and hours is having an impact. Here are the top three medical problems your smart-phone is causing, courtesy of MSN Health:* #3 - joint and muscle pain. Constant texting wreaks havoc on the nerves and tendons in your wrists and elbows, making everything, from carpel-tunnel syndrome to arthritis, worse. Plus, it's creating a few new problems, like cell phone elbow. That's when the nerve that runs through your elbow, short circuits because of how you hold your phone. Texting also causes trigger thumb. That's when the tendons in you thumbs are so worn down that they just lock up. In both cases you may need_surgery _to correct the problem.* #2 - increased risk of accidents. It doesn't matter how many laws are passed or how many pile-ups people hear about on the news, people still text while driving and walking. Cell phones are blamed in a quarter of all traffic accidents, and according to physical therapist, Benjamin Gelfand, focusing on your smart phone throws off your proprioception. That's your awareness of where your body is - and that makes accidents more likely. So keep your hands on the wheel and OFF of the cell phone.* The number one smart-phone related health problem is all about your mental health. Psychologist Shari Corbitt says people can literally become addicted to their smart phone and suffer severe anxiety if they're cut off from their technology. This leads to anti-social behavior, because addicts lose the ability to interact with people face-to-face, and can only communicate over text and email. Corbitt says, in our technology-driven world, you can't just go cold-turkey. She suggests limiting your access to your smart-phone to certain times of the day. Being on a schedule will help you develop some smart-phone self-control.