Women have tons of friends. There’s the shopping buddy, the pseudo-therapist, the grade school BFF. What about the guys? According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 men say they don’t have a single close friend. Sociologists at Harvard say that’s bad news because research shows that having a strong social network can lower blood pressure, ward off depression, speed healing after an injury, and even prolong your life! So here are the 3 friends every man needs from eHarmony.com.

  • The Ceaseless Single. Whether it’s due to bad odor, bad habits or just bad behavior - every group of friends has the one buddy who remains a perennial bachelor. There are times in your life when you really need this guy - someone you can rely on when your wife, your other friends or your family are just too busy to pay attention to you. He’s the guy you can call on a moment’s notice and know he’s not going to be busy looking after the kids or shuffling around Home Depot.  
  • The platonic female friend. When there’s no danger of chemistry getting in the way, you can get a truthful female perspective on everything from that cologne you’re drowning in to that facial hair you think is attractive.  She’ll be honest because she doesn’t have a vested romantic interest. However, be prepared, because you WILL find out that women don’t care about your new iPhone, the NFL draft, and as long as Daniel Craig is James Bond, they’ll always want to see the latest 007 flick. Also, with this female friend, you can actually talk about your feelings without being laughed at because as much as you try to deny it, you know you want to.
  • The Shopping Guy. Yes, you heard right. Even menfolk have to occasionally step into a giant mall and spend some cash. Sure, Platonic Female Friend can help with the clothes, but Shopping Guy is your go-to buddy for sporting goods, electronics, and other guy-centric stuff. He’s the one who’s been spending as many hours as you have checking Consumer Reports and comparing stats, and he’s just as desperate as you are to get his hands on some quality merchandise. Also, he’s just as well informed as anyone on the Big 5 or Best Buy payroll.