Think you could live like your grandparents did? Here’s a list of modern conveniences your grandparents didn’t have, that some experts believe we could not live without today:

  • First: Personal computers. Today, nearly every industry uses computer technology! So, even if you succeed at living without a computer at home, it’ll be impossible to go a day in the modern world without knowing how to use computers.
  • The next modern convenience our grandparents didn’t have: The Internet. A new study found that one-in-every-$50 earned today comes from an Internet job! That means our economy depends on the Internet. So do our roads, which would see more traffic jams if we went back to driving every time we needed to shop or pay bills.
  • The 3rd modern convenience: Cell phones. Until recently, you could rely on using pay phones to make calls when you were away from home, but in the past decade, phone companies have removed more than half of the pay phones that were in service.
  • Your grandparents also didn’t have: Plastic money. Before credit cards came along, there was no way to shop if you didn’t have cash. Before ATM and debit cards, there was no way to get cash if the bank wasn’t open. Experts say that’s one reason why our grandparents were better at saving money, because they simply had fewer chances to spend it!