When it comes to dating, more and more teens and twentysomethings are going for “compromise relationships," low-pressure, casual connections with no strings attached. Psychologist Dr. Peter K. Jonason calls it a “compromise relationship” because kids are compromising their principles to be with someone they may or may not be interested in. Some people call it “friends with benefits," others call it hooking up. In my day, we called it a fling, and it’s a trend that scientists are studying.

Basically, technology has completely changed the dating world. Today, with text messaging, cell phones, and instant messaging, you can catch just about anybody at any time of the day or night. Hook-ups have become kind of like having intimate moments on speed dial, like pizza delivery. But it isn’t all fun and games. Psychologist Dr. Jonason says young men and young women view compromise relationships differently. 

The guys like the fact that they don’t have to take the girl out to dinner, and they’re happy to have a “placeholder” to hook up with until “Ms. Right” comes along. But, most young women say that deep down, they’re hoping the casual relationship turn into a long-term relationship, unfortunately, most of the time, it doesn’t. Scientists have found compromise relationships last only about 3 months, and when the commitment doesn’t come or the guy stops calling, most of the women are upset, confused and crushed.

Bottom line: Think twice before you decide to have a fling without strings. When it comes to relationships and intimacy, it’s not worth it to compromise.