We all have a soda now and then, but here’s a serious warning about the health consequences associated with making it a regular part of your diet. A steady diet of soda could interfere with your ability to reproduce, and it could even shorten your life. 

Researchers at the University of Utah did some testing on lab mice. They gave them a diet equivalent to a human drinking three sodas per day. The result? The male mice were less likely to reproduce or defend themselves because their testosterone was suppressed. Female mice had it worse. They DIED at double their normal rate. 
And if that’s not scary enough, get this: According to Science Daily, although the extra amount of sugar was harmful to the health of the mice, they weren’t any fatter. If they were human, they would have passed physicals, even though there were major problems lurking inside them. That’s because a lot of sugar's toxic damage is found "under the hood." 
So you may be thinking, “Okay, that’s a study of mice. How do they know the same thing would happen to a human?” Well, mice are considered roughly equivalent to humans in dietary studies because they've had a similar diet to ours for about 10,000 years. And up to 80-percent of what's toxic to them is toxic to people too. So think twice about making soda a regular part of your diet.