According to the American Psychological Association, we love our own initials. And we’re usually attracted to people, places and things that have them.

  • Researchers at in University of Buffalo found that this is especially true when picking a mate. We tend to gravitate to people who have initials similar to ours, or even a similar sounding name. For example – Bill and Hillary sound alike. Annette Bening and Warren Beatty’s last names both start with a "B". Charles and Camilla have the same first initial. Even my wife and I are a good example - John and Connie sound alike, too. They have the same "o" sound.
  • Psychologist John T. Jones says this happens because the initials and sounds trigger positive self-associations. We feel comfortable and happy around these people.He and his colleagues studied decades of marriage records to see what percentage of couples had similar names and initials. They found that people are nearly 25% more likely to marry those who "sound" familiar.
  • And Jones says this is particularly true for people who stress-out easily. When a person gets together with someone whose name they can relate to, they feel more secure – more grounded.

So, don’t be surprised if your partner’s name sounds a little – or a lot – like your own. There’s a "deeper" connection there than you may have realized.