When you’re dating someone new, it’s natural to put your best foot forward. You pay more attention to your appearance and your manners. You’re a little more punctual. If you’re taking extra care, you can bet your new sweetheart is, too! Still, suppressing the beast within only works for so long. Certain situations can bring out the worst in anyone. Here are a few times you should pay attention to your date’s behavior – because it can tell you a lot. We got this from eHarmony online.

  • Traveling. Take note of how your new love deals with unfamiliar surroundings. Are they up for spontaneous exploring, or do they need to stick to a strict timetable? Does your partner flip out or whine when you get lost, or do they laugh when the map flies out the window, or when a cow in the middle of the road holds up traffic? How a person handles the misadventures of traveling can tell a lot about how willing they are to go with the flow, handle stress and keep a sense of humor. 
  • The next revealing situation: Driving. We can all relate to the frustration of getting cut off, being stuck in rush hour or getting lost. If your mate weaves in and out of lanes, honking and yelling at other drivers - that’s cause for concern. Ultimately, a person should show consideration for passengers and other drivers. If your new sweetheart can’t maintain control on the road when a total stranger cuts in front of the car, how will they react when they’re upset with you?
  • Competing. Whether it’s checkers, charades or the 3-legged race at a family reunion, competition can get ugly. The way people behave during competition is usually a result of sibling rivalry, social pressure, and plain ol’ confidence. If your mate taunts you after spiking a volleyball in your face, they could have been a bully in their younger years and haven’t quite gotten over it. Still, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker if they can’t win or lose gracefully. How a person competes is a big indicator of their maturity level and general good nature. So be aware.