Nobody's perfect. Here are the facts:

  • The first bad-for-you food: hotdogs. Processed meats like hotdogs, cold cuts and bacon are packed with nitrates, which have been linked to cancer, so, top your dog with sauerkraut, which is packed with powerful cancer-fighting compounds.
  • Another not-so-healthy splurge: Pizza. When pizza, or any high-carb food, is heated past 250 degrees, it creates chemicals that increase your risk of cancer and heart disease. The fix: Fresh rosemary. Just one tablespoon sprinkled on your pizza can eliminate 60% of the harmful chemicals.
  • Okay, say you splurged on fast food. What now? High-fat, deep-fried foods can unleash a torrent of cell-damaging free radicals into your system. The fix? Eat some cherries, blueberries or purple grapes - the dark fruit contains tons of antioxidants that help fight the damage of high-fat foods.
  • The final not-so-healthy splurge: You just know you can't avoid the breadbasket at a restaurant. The fix: Dip it in vinegar. A carb-heavy meal can create spikes in blood sugar. But a spoonful of vinegar will slow down your digestion, and help prevent the peaks and valleys in glucose levels that can make you overeat even more.