There’s a new party drug going around called “Molly.” The name was intended to be a riff on the chemical make-up of the drug Ecstasy – which is MDMA. But capsules of Molly are not MDMA - they’re something entirely different, and even more dangerous.

Pure MDMA makes people happy and friendly. It also reduces anxiety and boosts energy. Those are the reasons partygoers love it, and psychiatrists have been testing it on soldiers coming back from battle with PTSD. Pure MDMA releases feel-good brain chemicals, so a lot of users assume it’s safe.

But Molly is just a name given to pills that may look like Ecstasy or MDMA, but are not. 

The Michigan Poison Control Center says Molly is a brand name that doesn’t really mean anything. You don’t know what you’re taking and it’s probably not what you think it is. 

Testing was done on pills confiscated from Philadelphia to Miami to Boston, and none of them contained MDMA, AT ALL! Instead, the pills were packed with everything from caffeine, to speed, to methylone — that’s a key ingredient in bath salts which have recently caused a rash of high profile cases of psychosis, to bleeding on the brain.

Users hallucinate so badly that they do everything from jump off roofs, to slash their own throats, to try to kill anyone in their path, even their families. 

Molly is being used mostly by young adults in the suburbs, trying to copy their favorite hip-hop artists who sing about the drug. But beware of the side effects, which include dilated pupils, high fever, and the shakes. If that describes someone you know, take them to the hospital immediately.