*Don't diet! *

That's the word from various health experts. They say the only way to win the war against fat is to make subtle changes in your lifestyle that'll trim you up over time. So here are 3 simple tricks to get you started, courtesy of Complete Woman magazine.
  1. Take 3 bites less of everything. Three bites less of a typical fast food burger will save you 100 calories. And because our portions are always more than we need, leaving a few bites on your plate will almost always go unnoticed.
  2. Build your brawn. Adding 2 pounds of muscle means that your body, at rest, will burn an extra 100 calories per day   since muscle is more metabolically active than fat. That's why muscular people can eat so much.

And the 3rd lifestyle change that'll help you shed pounds: Order half a deli sandwich, rather than a whole one. Most deli sandwiches pack in over 500 calories, which is way too much for lunch. If you eat only half a sandwich, and a piece of fruit, you'll save about 200 calories per meal.