You've heard us talk about the way red wine and tea are packed with antioxidants that blast bad cholesterol. Well, according to Web MD, researchers from the Chung Shan Medical University in Taiwan says the hibiscus flower is just as beneficial. And because the antioxidants are extracted from the flower, it's easier to take. You don't have to eat a flower, you can just pop a pill.
In Asia, hibiscus flowers have been used to treat high blood pressure and liver disease for centuries; and for a good reason. They work.
In the university study, rats that were treated with hibiscus extract showed a significant drop in the levels of bad cholesterol.
Researchers believe the flower will produce an easier, more reliable, and more efficient way to get the antioxidants we need to stay healthy.
But until the doctors complete human testing, the advice for lowering cholesterol and being heart healthy remains the same: Get regular exercise, watch what you eat and don't forget to drink a couple cups of tea every day.